Il Liceo Carducci partecipa alla preselezione per la sessione nazionale del Parlamento Europeo Giovani

 con una  una risoluzione in lingua inglese sul tema:

On July 21th 2020 the European Union reached consensus over the budget allocated to a new temporary emergency recovery instrument, Next Generation EU, to help repair the immediate economic and social damage brought by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, doubts persist on whether the grants will be sufficient to address real economic problems, contain the unemployment rate, and to rethink fiscal redistribution to offset growing social inequalities. What future steps should the EU take to create a resilient Europe based on true solidarity, overcoming the strain implied by negotiations?

I delegati candidati sono : Arianna Canella 4A, Alessia Corli 5L, Veronica Galliera 5G, Nicola Ragazzi 5N, Aurora Ruscelli 5L e Rasslen Trabelsi 4G. 

Referente Prof.ssa Lorenza Cenacchi